July 5, 2013

コンテンツ作りの三原則:3 Golden Rules of Content Writing

ギズモード運営会社インフォバーンの成田さんのプレゼン、いちるさんが面白いというので見てみたら本当に面白かった! 1と3は普段から心がけてることだけど2は耳がアイタタタ…

Giz's former editor, Ichiru Kiyota, recommended us this funky yet really informative slide created by Yukihisa Narita, VP of Production & Operating of Infobahn that runs Gizmodo Japan.   It lists the three golden rules for creating compelling web contents;

  1. Appeal to one, not all. 
  2. Grab attention in 1 sec.
  3. Don't lie.

I guess my weakness is #2...


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