May 18, 2013

ヤフーがタンブラー買収交渉中(追:11億ドルで買収承認):Yahoo in Talks to Acquire Tumblr-UPDATED

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According to sources close to the situation, that could mean a strategic alliance and investment in or outright buy of perhaps the coolest Internet company of late: Tumblr.  

複数の情報筋によると、(ヤフーはクール戦略の一環として)今最もクールなネット会社・タンブラーへの戦略投資・提携か全面買収に動いているようだ。-Will Yahoo Try to Get Its "Cool Again" by Doing a Deal for Tumblr? - AllThingsD

A source with knowledge of the Yahoo/Tumblr discussions says they are proceeding rapidly and likely to result in an offer as soon as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer can get her board’s approval.

ヤフーのタンブラー買収交渉に詳しい筋の話によると話し合いは急ピッチで進んでおり、マリッサ・メイヤーCEOが役員会の承認を取り付け次第、固まる見込みらしい。-Tumblr In Talks With Yahoo; Facebook And Microsoft Also Said To Be Circling - Forbes


UPDATE:Board Approves $1.1 Billion Deal as Expected.

[AllThingsD via AdWeekForbes]


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