April 19, 2013

ボストン封鎖の被害額=1日332億円:Cost to Shut Down Boston for a Day

“Boston is a $1 billion-a-day metropolitan area,” Jim Diffley, a vice president and chief economist at IHS Global Insight, says. “But all that economic activity doesn’t all go away due to the shutdown...” [...]Diffley estimates it would be between $250 million and $333 million a day. “A billion [dollars] is just where you start from. Take off a quarter to a third at most for a shutdown, would be a very rough guess.”


-Business Week

The whole city of Boston is under lockdown except for a Dunkin Donuts.... It seems the lockdown was lifted right now... 現在ボストンで開店営業してるのは、なぜか機動隊の待機場所の特命を受けたダンキンドーナッツだけである…とか書いてたら今外出禁止令解除されたね…。

UPDATE: Stay-inside order reinstated. 外出禁止令復活。
UPDATE: Lockdown lifted. 解除。


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