March 19, 2013

ワールド・ベースボール決勝入場券がなんと5ドルに:$5 bleacher tix available for WBC Final Tonight

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico will face off tonight at AT&T Park, and the ticket is now for $5.  That's right, $5!   Last time I checked, it was $99/3 days.



Unpublished Special Edition to celebrate Japan's 3rd WBC title
幻と消えた「侍ジャパンWBC3連覇特集号」(c) 日刊スポーツクラブ 

In Japan, Daily Sports Club was ready to publish the special edition. hahaha. Japan Team reportedly had a series of unfortunate events in San Francisco including 1)all the baggage was sent to LA, 2)After the night practice, the bus was out of battery, 3)Hotel rooms were not sufficiently reserved,  4)Hotel didn't provide breakfast.  Wow. Maybe next time:)

侍ジャパンのドタバタすぎる1日 - スポーツ報知


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