February 16, 2013

隕石落下でロシア人が真っ先に疑ったこと:Russians React to Meteor Strike

1. 中国。It must have been the Chinese.

A:"What the hell? ... Something fell. Do you hear? You know what that was? It was supersonic. It must have been an asteroid, and that's the blast wave. It must have been a rocket or something."
B:"It must have been the Chinese!"   -Translated by FP

A「なんだこれ…なんか落ちた。聞こえたか? あれなんの音? 超音速だった。小惑星の衝撃波か。ロケットとかなんかだな」

2. アメリカ。It's the US trying out a new weapon, Fools.
“You’re like some primitive tribe. What meteorite?” Russian Liberal Democrat leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said, according to RT. “When something falls – it’s man-made. People are warmongers and provocateurs.” [...]Earlier this week, in the wake of North Korea's nuclear test, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the foreign ministers of the countries that deal with Pyongyang. While ministers in South Korea, Japan and China took Kerry's call, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov did not pick up the phone. A spokesman later said Lavrov's schedule made it impossible for him to answer Kerry's call. But the missed connection led Zhirinovsky to claim that Kerry's call was meant “to warn Lavrov about the plot and that it may affect Russia,” according to RT.com.- NBC

 As The Daily Mail pointed out, similar meteorite hit Cuba earlier this week.



3. プーチン Putin
"Putin riding a meteorite. An anonymous image widely circulated online" via Global Voice


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