September 21, 2012

アップル、世界初のiPhone 5は列の30番目の兄妹に渡す:Apple handpicked world's first iPhone 5 owner

Fred has told me that the Finder guys were “aggressively held back” once they entered the store by who they claim to be Apple PR staff. James and Tamsyn passed them by and before they knew it, the two people who were far from first in the queue walked out with the world’s first iPhone 5. - gizmodo au
Well, it seems that Apple just made it clear that iPhone queues are for the fans, not for the publicity stunts. Even Gizmodo Japan staffs cannot get the first spot in line any more...

シドニーのアップルストアが列の先頭集団を無視して30番目のオーガニックなカップルに世界初のiPhone 5を渡し、先頭集団が脱力している。

 一番前には携帯比較サイト「Mobile Phone Finder」スタッフ5人が並んでいたんだが、店に入ったらアップル広報にグイグイ「アグレッシブに押し戻され」、ハッと気づいたら開店17時間前から並んでたずっと後ろのカップルに世界初のiPhone 5が渡ってしまってたんだって。笑



[gizmodo au]


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