September 18, 2012

百度が尖閣諸島+中国国旗のドゥードル:Baidu declares Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Chinese Property with doodle

Today marks the 81th anniversary of the Manchurian Incident.  In an attempt to "encourage people to be rational in their expressions of patriotism," China's Baidu decided to show a doodle of the disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands sporting Chinese flag on its homepage. Its director of international communications told The Next Web;
"Planting a digital flag to express your feelings on the matter of the Diaoyu Islands is a much better alternative to throwing rocks or smashing cars." 
Sure... Just in case you're wondering, Baidu Japan is not featuring the doodle...


「暴力などの過激な手段ではなく、愛国心の表現にも良識を持つよう国民に呼びかけるのが目的。石を投げたり車を叩き壊すよりデジタルの国旗を立てる方がずっとましだ」と百度のカイザー・クオ(Kaiser Kuo)国際広報部長はThe Next Webに掲載理由を説明している。まあそりゃそうだけど。


Baidu users can add as many Chinese flags as they want.
As of now, 4,297,783 people have planted a flag.


[@TomEats via @noruweijin]


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