July 22, 2012

虎、雪、モデル…NYT記者が見たシリコンバレーのバブル:Silicon Valley Bubble @nickbilton

I moved to the center of the tech industry from New York City last year, and I have never experienced anywhere quite like the Valley.   The money here is obscene. The newly minted rich are obsessed with outperforming their rivals. One industry party I attended had a jungle theme. This included a real, 600-pound tiger in a cage and a monkey that would pose for Instagram photos. A prominent Googler’s Christmas party in Palo Alto had mounds of snow in the yard to round out the festive spirit. It was 70 degrees outside. Sean Parker, a founder of Airtime, threw a lavish, $1 million party that included models he hired to roam the room and a performance by Snoop Dogg.  -NY Times Nick Bilton on Silicon Valley bubble


None of the people I hang out with talk about their private jets or wear “handcrafted jeans” (whatever that is). [...] The real stuff happens at the events that don’t have caged tigers. Or NY Times reporters. [...]Because, young Nick, the stupid shit people do in Silicon Valley these days is preciously innocent compared to the late 90s. That was a time that even the serious people started to lose the plot. [...]My advice is this. Stop going to parties. Then use all that free time to start spending time with the serious people, doing serious things. They aren’t at those ridiculous parties. So, why are you? - Michael Arrington

自分の周りには自家用ジェットの話するやつも「ハンドクラフトのジーンズ」の話するやつもいねえぞ。 [...] 中身のある話が出るイベントには虎の檻なんかないし、NYタイムズの記者もいない。[...]ニック(上の記事書いたNYタイムズ記者)は若くて知らないかもしれんが、今シリコンバレーの人が馬鹿やってるって言っても、あの90年代後半に比べたら素朴なもんよ。 あのときは真人間もあらぬ方向に行ってしまってたからな。[...]悪いことは言わない、パーティーなんかもう行くな。そんな暇あったら真面目なことやってる真面目な人から話をとれ。彼らはそんな乱痴気騒ぎにはいない。なのに、なんで行く?

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