June 24, 2012

ウィキペディアの編集戦争がよくわかる図:Wikipedia as an editorial warzone

Budapest University analyzed controversial and peaceful Wikipedia articles and concluded that Wikipedia's  war zone are often created between a few opinionated editors.  ブダペスト大が編集が荒れてるウィキペディア記事と平穏な記事を抽出・分析し、戦闘地帯の参加国(編集者)同士の相関図をこしらえてみたら、荒らしてるのはほんの数名であることがわかった。
Edit wars are frequently conducted between a few extremely vociferous individuals. While dozens of editors may contribute to an article over any given period of time, it is often a much smaller number of highly opinionated editors who contribute the bulk of the edits, often redoing or removing each other's work. Below, you can see many lines representing interactions between editors in a discussion section; thicker lines represent more interactions, and red indicates negative opinions. Clearly the individuals at 11 and 3 o' clock have contributed more than their fair share to the discussion, and appear to be mostly yammering at each other. -
編集戦争は、異様にうるさい人が数人いて、その間で起こることが多い。記事に書き込む編集者は常時何十人もいるのだが、編集を大量投下してるのは一家言ある一部の限られた編集者で、彼らは互いの文章を書き直したり削除したり余念がない。下図はディスカッション欄で編集者同士が交わす意見を線で示したものだ。線が太ければ太いほど応酬が盛んで、赤は反対意見。ご覧のように11時と3時のほぼ一騎打ちであることがわかる。- msnbc
 A slice of human society...Red:negative, green:positive, yellow:neutral comments
(c) Budapest University of Technology and Economics

[Dynamics of Conflicts in Wikipediamsnbc, Slashdot]


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