June 10, 2012

ジョコビッチ、対ナダル決勝でまたラケット破壊(動画):Djokovic smashes racquet (again) in 2012‬‏ French Open Final

Led by Nadal,  Djokovic smashed the green Perrier bench with his racket during the second set.  After the first delay (and obviously a bit cooling off), Djokovic gained back magically, and then Nadal threw a ball to referee complaining it's too wet and heavy.  Shortly after that, the game was called off.   Djokovic rages out all the time, but I've never seen Nadal getting furious like that.   Can't wait to see the tomorrow match.




Novak Djokovic smashes racket against Nadal‬‏ US Open Final 2010 アメリカでも…

Novak Djokovic smashes racket - Rome 2012 vs. Nadal - final ローマでも…(3:20-)


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