May 19, 2012

フェイスブックIPO最後はモルスタが買い支え:Morgan Stanley forced to prop up Facebook float

(c) WSJ
When that pop didn't happen, it prompted a selloff, these people said.

[...]Morgan Stanley was forced to buy Facebook shares as the price slid toward $38 in order to prevent the price from crossing into negative territory, according to these people.

Morgan Stanley[...]had to dip into an emergency reserve of around 63 million Facebook shares—worth more than $2.3 billion at the offer price—to boost the price and create a floor around $38 a share[...]. In successful IPOs, the reserve, known as the "overallotment" or "green shoe," is used by underwriters to meet soaring demand but in this case, it was used to prop up Facebook's ailing share price.


上場を引受けたウォール街11の銀行を率いるモルガン・スタンレーは、フェイスブック株約6300万株(公募価格で23億ドル相当)の非常準備金に手をつけ、1株38ドルの辺りに防衛線を張った。IPOが好調の場合、この準備金(業界用語でオーバーアロットメントあるいはグリーンシューと呼ばれる)は急騰する需要を満たすため追加で売出す分として使われるのだが、 今回は落ち込むフェイスブック株価を支えるために使われた。- WSJ

Can Facebook live up to its $104 billion valuation?  We'll see.

米フェイスブックの上場は期待外れ、株式公開数拡大など影響か (ロイター) - Yahoo!ニュース


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