May 18, 2012

フーディーでナスダック取引開始の鐘を鳴らすザッカーバーグ(動画):Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Rings In The NASDAQ Bell

Facebook going public. Finally. He looks like the happiest guy on earth. Look at the excitement! USA Today's live coverage is full of typos!


Facebook shares jumped 13% to $43 as the stock opened in the frenzied first minutes of trading Friday, bu just as quckly the price slid, tas investors stormed Wall Street to trade shares of the world's leading social networking company.

Remember. Stay focused. Keep shaping.
- Mark Zuckerberg, to all employees

How the Facebook Offering Compares - 2ページ目は必見だよ。
FACEBOOK IPO LIVE: The social network goes public - BusinessWeek


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