May 18, 2012

和製英語「BS」:What does BS mean in Japan?


Don't get offended if Japanese business person tells you BS, because they mean 'Balance sheet' by that!  Look at the title above; PL stands for Profit and Loss statement and BS stands for Balance sheet.  The more careful person may add "/" in between P and L, but they more likely leave out BS as is.  Here, it's shortened like P&L and B/S (or Bs).


「ひゃーそれアメリカ人に絶対使わないでよ!驚くよマジで」と言ったら「また話の腰を折りやがって。Bull S**tなんてネット語でしょ、日本のビジネスマンはBSで通じるんだよ」とかなんとか言ってBS、BS言い続けるので「気持ち悪いからバランスシートって言ってくれー頼むーひー」と話の腰を折り続けてしまったわよ。調べてみたら英語で損益計算書(Profit and Loss statement)はP&L、貸借対照表(Balance sheet)はB/Sとは縮めるけどBSとは書かないようよ?

In public, "BS" is used as an acronym of "broadcast satellite," a term coined when NHK launched Japan's first digital satellite TV in 1987.   Other TV networks all offer BS channels by now.


後発(?)の英語圏ではDBS(Direct Broadcast Satellite)って表記になっちゃって日本だけがBS…。もう目が麻痺してしまってるけど、頭を振って改めて見直すと面白い。

BS Japan

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