April 27, 2012

裸足の弁護士陳光誠氏が軟禁脱出、米大使館?から動画公開:China dissident Chen Guangcheng 'in US embassy'

It was not at all easy, but I finally escaped. All the stories online about the brutal treatment I have received from the authorities, I can personally testify they are all true.

They broke into my house and more than a dozen men assaulted my wife. They pinned her down and wrapped her in a blanket, beating and kicking her for hours. They similarly violently assaulted me. My mother was violently attacked and my daughter harassed.

"We don't care about the law" Policemen told me. "We ignore the law. What can you do about it?"

I may be free but my worries are for my family… my wife, my child, my mother. Perhaps because of my leaving, they may become the target of more brutal abuse.

I want Premier Wen to open a probe into this corrupt behaviour. The money paid by the people in taxes should not be wasted by corrupt local officials to hurt us.






Chen Guangcheng, who has been under house arrest for almost 20 months following his release after serving four years in jail, escaped the house arrest and posted this video.  According to BBC, he's said to be in US embassy in Beijing now (US offers no comment.)  






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