April 27, 2012

オラクル対グーグル訴訟でサン元CEO同士が真っ向対立:McNealy, Schwartz Square Off Over Java License in Oracle-Google Trial

Former Sun CEOs Jonathan Schwartz and Scott McNealy took center stage yesterday in the Oracle and Google patent suit over Java.

オラクルが買収したサン・マイクロシステムズのJavaをAndroid OSに無断で使ってる!金払えコラ!とグーグルがオラクルに訴えられてる件で木曜、サンマイクロシステムの元CEOのふたりが証言台に立ち、まったく正反対の主張を繰り広げた。

(c) Jonathan Schwartz - Twitter
Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz defends Google(ジョナサン・シュワルツ元CEO証言);

-Google was free to use the Java programming language and APIs which Oracle has claimed as proprietary technology.
-Google would need a license only if it tried to use the Java trademark.
-Sun couldn't stop Google from releasing Android on its own.
-As CEO he made a decision not to sue Google "because we didn't feel we had any grounds."


(c) Scott McNealy - Twitter
Former Sun CEO Scott McNealy defends Oracle(スコット・マクネリ元CEO証言);

-I viewed the APIs as separate from the programming language and more like a blueprint -- a view that echoes Oracle's argument that the APIs are creative works protected by copyright.
-In trying to discount disuad jurors, Google attorney suggested McNealy is a good friend of Ellison and barked at him, 'You once referred to Mr. Ellison as a national economic hero."  McNealy responded, "That's correct. Anybody who pays that much in taxes is a national economic hero."
-"If you won't tell him. I was busy and didn't read it (blog post in which Schwartz had applauded Google's release of Android)



[Former Sun chiefs differ on Google's use of Oracle's Java code in Android - SiliconValley.com]


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