January 11, 2012

FoxconnのXBox工場で300人が屋上に籠城、「全員飛び降りる」と賃上げ要求:Mass Suicide threat at Foxconn XBox plant?

Internet Photo via WantChinaTimes
According to WantChinaTimes, China Jasmine Revolution reported that about 300 Foxconn employees threatened to jump off from the rooftop in Wuhan on Jan 2, asking for a raise. Their boss told them to choose either to quit with compensation or to keep their jobs with no additional salary. Most chose to quit, but the company took back the promise and didn't pay a penny.  The resistance lasted until the mayor of Wuhan came to stop them.

今月2日、Foxconn武漢工場で社員約300名が屋上に丸1日立て篭もり、「賃上げしなければ全員飛び降りる」と脅す事件があった、と中国の反政府メディア「China Jasmine Revolution」が報じた。



NYTimes has more details;
One worker who participated in the Wuhan protest said by telephone that workers shifted to Wuhan had been promised about $450 a month in salary, including overtime pay, but that they had been given about a third less than that and that working conditions in Wuhan were much more difficult. The worker, who asked not to be identified for fear of being punished by Foxconn, said more than 100 workers had decided to protest on the roof of a three-story building on the campus. The protest lasted more than eight hours. Several threatened to commit suicide if their demands were not met, he said. “That day was very cold,” he said. “Some women could not stand the freezing temperatures and fainted.” 

[WantChinaTimes via Atlantic Wire]


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