January 25, 2012

社説でオバマ暗殺呼びかけたユダヤ系新聞発行人辞任:Atlanta Jewish Times publisher resigns over Obama 'assassination' column

Click to enlarge (c) The Atlanta Jewish Times (via Gawker)
The Atlanta Jewish Times owner and publisher, Andrew Adler, suggested in his Jan 13th column that there were three options for Israel, should Iran acquire nuclear weapons;

1. A strike against Hamas and Hezbollah
2. A strike against Iran
3. "give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place"

It was first highlighted by Gawker, and he resigned.  His tearful apology here.

The entire story suggests two things;
1. Some Jewish doesn't hide their 'Obamaphobia.'
2. It's Israel that wants to attack Iran, not the U.S.  At least some Jewish folks see the Middle East diplomacy of Leon Panetta and Barack Obama as terribly naive.

Where does the fear come from?   Japan, the 3rd largest importer from Iran, has been forced to cut back the oil import from Iran when it needs it most after the nuclear disaster.  The phantom fear is killing us.


1.  ハマスとヘズボラを攻撃
2.  イラン攻撃
3. 「米国拠点のモサド工作員に大統領暗殺のゴーサインを出し、イスラエルに非友好的と思しい大統領の代わりに現副大統領を立てて米国の政策を牛耳り、ユダヤ国家の諸敵国壊滅を援助させる」



1. 一部ユダヤ系はオバマ恐怖症。
2. イランを攻撃したがっているのはイスラエルであって、米国ではない。



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