January 23, 2012

49rs延長負け。17年で最高視聴率記録:49ers Draw Highest Ratings in 17 Years


49ers Draw Highest Ratings in 17 Years | NBC Bay Area: "Across the nation, the game was the most watched NFC title game since 1995. The game was watched by 33.4 percent of the homes in the top 56 television markets in the country, according to a statement by FOX, who aired the game."
"Super letdown"- Yes.  49ers' Kyle Williams is now getting all the blames and death threats.  But as San Francisco Chronicle says, the most haunting memory of the game won't be his fumble.




The most haunting memory of this game won’t be the fumble by Williams. It will be the officials’ decision to wave off Bradshaw’s apparent fumble late in the fourth quarter. They argued that his forward progress had stopped, negating the artful strip by the 49ers.

“We thought they should at least review it,” safety Donte Whitner said. The officials declined, and refused to let coach Jim Harbaugh challenge the call because a forward progress judgment cannot be overturned by replay. 


「せめて録画見直すぐらいのことすべきだと思った」と、49ersセーフティポジションのダンテ・ウォトナー選手は言う。 が、審判側は取り合わず、前進しようとする動きの判定は一度決めたら転覆できないとしてヘッドコーチのジム・ハーボーからの判定物言いも拒否した。-The dream is over for 49ers - San Francisco Chronicle

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