January 9, 2012

ティム・クック去年は年収300億円:Apple CEO Tim Cook Got $400 million in 2011

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Wow, Tim Cook earned 378 million times more compensation than Steve Jobs last year.

Fortune adds;
What's caught reporters' eyes is the 1 million RSUs (restricted stock units) he was granted in August as a "promotion and retention award." In other words, to keep him at Apple. Half of them will vest in 2016, five years after they were granted. The other half will vest in 2021. 

フォーチュンによると、8月に支給された100万株の制限付き株(RSU)はクックCEOの首を繋ぐための賞与で、半分は支給から5年、残り半分は10年ベスティングできないんだって。このようなRSU賞与のことをアメリカでは「黄金の手錠」と呼ぶらしい(ソース:RSU (Restricted Stock Units)とアメリカの賞与 | fumilicious)。

[Business Insider]


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