December 2, 2011

パンケーキ焼きながらラップする白人ナードの動画がバイラルヒット!:Nerdy White Rapper Becomes an Overnight YouTube (&Tumblr) Sensation

Let's go~♪ と2枚目にすすむマックさん

Last time I checked, it was 1 million page views overnight, now it's 2.5 million PVs.  Keeping this pace, it may eventually beat Chris Brown's original 'Look At Me Now.'

Gawker found out that the white rapper, Mac Lethal, is the guy behind "Texts From Bennett," another viral hit on Tumblr.  It's a simple collection of the real text messages exchanged between him and his 17-yr-old cousin, Bennett, but is really funny, take a look.

Mac Lethal should be honored for this (unprecedented?) achievement.



いやいや凄まじいなこれ。歌詞も面白いんだけど、このマックさん、実は17歳の従兄弟と交わしたテキストメッセージをそのまま貼り付ける「Texts From Bennett」ってサイトもやってて、そちらもバイラルヒット中なのだ!(Gawkerより)


Original: Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes


[The Nerdy White Rapper Who Launched Two Internet Sensations in 24 Hours]


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