November 14, 2011

うちの初代iPod nanoもリコール対象だわ:My 6-yr-old 1st gen iPod nano is eligible for free replacement

Apple issued on Friday a world-wide recall of 1st generation iPod nano for rare overheating risk and launched a free replacement program.  Actually we have one sitting right in my husband's car.  I asked him to enter the serial number, and... BINGO!  It's eligible! (We should stop using it now.)

Some owners expressed disappointment when 'Apple told Mashable it will be replacing recalled first-generation iPod Nanos with first-generation Nanos, not the new ones' but we're quite happy because the click wheel had stopped working anyway.

アップルが金曜、バッテリー過熱の恐れがあるとして世界一円で初代iPod nanoの自主回収と無償交換プログラムを発表した

訳し終わってから、考えてみたらうちにも車に1台あったなぁ…と思って家族に特設ページでシリアル番号入力して照合してもらったら…ビンゴ! リコール対象だった(使うのやめなきゃ…)。


 [Apple -サポート- iPod nano交換プログラム]


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