August 20, 2011

残暑見舞い~由布川峡谷の水簾:Yufu River Gorge, Japan's hidden gem

I visited Yufu River Gorge (Yufugawa keikoku, 由布川渓谷), while staying at my in-law's house in Beppu.  I took photos, but still images can't recreate the serenity I felt...  Now, thanks to egawauemon's always great video, it all came back.

Can you believe it's only 30-40 minutes from Beppu station? It may remind you of the place where Totoro lives.  Unlike Yufuin (too much tourism), it's not commercialized at all.  They only sell locally grown vegetables and that's about it. No character goods.  When we came back from long walk, nobody was there to watch veggies!

From where my daughter is standing in this photo, we took off our clothes, hid them behind rocks, and walked in swimsuits to see "Touch Stone."  The water comes up to your waist in some points, and moss-covered rocks are really slippery, but there wasn't any mosquito or leech. Only fishes.

When we were about to leave, a warm humid wind blew through the valley.  It gave me a very sinister feeling.  It felt as if one huge invisible snake made out of nothing but heat came down to me.

7月初旬、別府の義母の家から涼みに行った由布川渓谷の動画がWORLD CRUISEegawauemonさんのサイトに出ていた。動画だとだいぶあの幻想的な感じが戻ってくるね。




[九州を旅する- WORLD CRUISE in KYUSHU via Paul Simon]


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