August 12, 2011

ビョーク、世界初のアプリアルバム発売:Björk's “Biophilia” is the first ever "App Album"

Björk's new album Biophilia is the world's first "App Album." You can download the mother app and its first song for free, from which you can buy the rest of the song apps set to be released one at a time for $1.99 each. The first app (embedded below) navigates you through 10 planets named after 10 tracks...

BTW, Björk sounds a lot like Maia Hirasawa.  Voice gets hoarse in icy regions?


最初の「Crystalline」は、曲に合わせて宇宙を旅しながらクリスタルを集めるゲーム感覚のアプリ。2番目の「Virus」には「instrument mode(楽器モード)」もあって映像触ると、この曲でビョークが使ったいろんな楽器の音が出る。





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