July 18, 2011

iPhone 5の噂はもはや病気レベル:Stop the iPhone 5 Rumor Insanity - PCMag

The new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S, and it will come in one, two, or three models, with one being a smaller, cheaper device, or not. It will have NFC, unless it doesn't. It will be slimmer, or not, and have an edge-to-edge screen, unless that's not true. That new phone will come out in August, September, or 2012. 

Is this nonsense of any value to anyone?

I'm getting physically sick of the nonstop iPhone rumor mill, which is spewing out contradictory information on a daily basis at this point. Between the end of February and now, we've published 35 iPhone 5 rumor stories, many of which directly contradict each other. - Stop the iPhone 5 Rumor Insanity - PCMag.com

新iPhoneはiPhone 5iPhone 4Sという名前で、1機種か2機種3機種出る。うちひとつは小型な廉価モデルか、そうじゃないもの。NFC非搭載にならなければNFC搭載だ。もっと薄型になるかもしれないし、ならないかもしれない。液晶は端から端までのものになる、誤報でなければね。この新型フォンは8月9月2012年発売。


毎日矛盾する情報をノンストップで吐き出すiPhone噂製造マシンにはもうゲンナリだ。2月末から現在までここでもiPhone 5の噂関連の記事は35本書いてきたが、その多くは互いに正反対の内容なのだ。
So says PC Magazine in its 36th iPhone 5 rumor cover.



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