May 24, 2011

今年は竜巻の当たり年:Yet Another Killer Twister Strikes

Joplin Missouri tornado, May 2011

Joplin Missouri tornado, May 2011

The doomsday came and went. Yet...

Following the series of twisters that swept through Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Southern states late last month that killed more than 300 people, another densely populated city of Joplin, Missouri was hit, leaving at least 116 dead (tied a record set in 1953), 500 injured, and 2000 houses destroyed along the 6 mile of path.

Details have emerged that the massive tornado may have had two cyclones inside -- called 'a multiple vortex.' [...]In total, 70 tornadoes were produced by the storm system since Friday, including at least 47 tornadoes Sunday. - ABC News
Because of heavy rain and wind, they could hardly hear a warning siren activated 20 minutes before the storm arrived.  Another wave of powerful tornadoes expected this evening in Oklahoma and Kansas...

Joplin Hospital Chopper
病院の救急ヘリも‥(c)AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein





UPDATE: Joplin, Missouri, Tornado Death Toll Rises - ABC News It now stands at 139, the worst ever, and still more than 100 unidentified. 死者の数が139人の史上最悪となった。依然100余名の安否確認がとれてない。

Tuscaloosa Alabama tornado, April 2011


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