May 8, 2011

ジョブズが語る掃除夫とVPの違い:Difference Between the Janitor and the Vice President according to Steve Jobs - Fortune

Adam Lashinsky (c) Fortune
Fortune's senior editor, Adam Lashinsky, shared some unknown stories of Steve Jobs on his late feature article, and here's the speech Jobs gives to every newly appointed VP.
"Jobs imagines his garbage regularly not being emptied in his office, and when he asks the janitor why, he gets an excuse: The locks have been changed, and the janitor doesn’t have a key. This is an acceptable excuse coming from someone who empties trash bins for a living. The janitor gets to explain why something went wrong. Senior people do not. “When you’re the janitor,” Jobs has repeatedly told incoming VPs, “reasons matter.” He continues: “Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO, reasons stop mattering.” That “Rubicon,” he has said, “is crossed when you become a VP."-iTunes

[iTunes, Fortune via Mac Stories]


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