May 16, 2011

しゃべるハスキー犬:Husky Dog Talking

Mishka says 'I love you'

Mishka says 'How are you?' (I love youと同じやんけ!)

Mishka says 'Obama.'  (なぜオバマ)

We adopted a dog on Saturday, Huray!

The online description said 'mix of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever' but the contract says "Husky and Retriever.'  Well, it seems a bit smaller for Shepherd...  So, I searched to see other Husky dogs, and this Mishka came on top.  Husky dog talking!  Really!?



そう言えばシェパードにしちゃ小ぶりだ。一応ハスキー犬がどんなものか見てみようと思って今検索したら、この「しゃべるハスキー犬ミシュカ」なるものが一番上に…マジか! ハスキー犬ってしゃべるんか!

君もしゃべるの? Can you talk?

UPDATE: My dog, after all, seems to be a mix of White Shepherd and Golden Retriever. She got long hind legs causing the back to slope forward. 結局うちのはホワイトシェパードとリトリバーの混血みたい…後ろ脚長くて前掲になるので。


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