May 2, 2011

オサマ・ビンラディンの遺言テープ近く公開か?:Final Osama Bin Laden Tape May Surface Soon

Shortly before his death, Osama bin Laden seems to have recorded what would be his final words, U.S. intelligence officials told AP. The tape is expected to surface soon...

CNN's Wolf Blitzer said he was getting bombarded with Twitter messages from viewers pleading with the network not to air Bin Laden's propaganda. - NY Daily News




[NY Daily via HuffPo]

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The news of bin Laden’s death is a pleasant surprise, but the fight against terrorism is unfortunately still ongoing. Like millions of other people across the world, I am thrilled he is dead. Congratulations to the United States forces responsible for his death! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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