May 5, 2011

オサマ・ビンラディンは娘の目の前で殺された:Bin Laden’s Daughter Watched Him Die

Osama bin Laden's 12-year-old daughter reportedly told Pakistani officials that Navy SEALs had originally captured him alive and then shot him dead in front of the family.

The daughter is believed to be Safiyah.
A year after the nuptials, Amal al-Sadah gave birth in Kandahar (within a few days of the 9/11 attacks) to a daughter called Safiyah. She is probably the same daughter who -- according to Pakistani officials -- saw her father shot dead this week.

But in the weeks after 9/11, bin Laden told Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir that he had plans for his youngest daughter, Safiyah. 

"I became a father of a girl after September 11," he said. "I named her after Safiyah who killed a Jewish spy at the time of the Prophet. (My daughter) will kill enemies of Islam like Safiyah. - Bin Laden's Wives - CNN

急襲のときオサマ・ビンラディン容疑者と寝室に一緒にいて、SEALに向かっていって脚を撃たれたのは一番年下の妻Amal al-Sadahさん(29)。2000年、43歳の時に結婚した最後の妻だ。


9/11の数週間後オサマ・ビンラディン容疑者はパキスタン人記者Hamid Mir氏にこう言った。「9/11の後に女の子が生まれた。[...]予言の書のときユダヤのスパイを殺したSafiyahに因んでSafiyahと名付けた。きっとSafiyahのようにイスラムの敵を殺してくれるだろう」


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