April 7, 2011

あまりの余震に「くそったれ日本」が世界の流行トピに:In reaction to M7.1 Aftershock, Damn Japan becomes a trending topic on Twitter

April 7, 2011 23:32 7.1M depth 49km (c) Japan Quake Map

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Japan on Thursday. The epicenter is 41 miles (66 kilometers) from Sendai. No major tsunami hit.  It caused blackout throughout the Tohoku region.  But two nuclear sites, Onagawa and Rokkashomura, got backup batteries working. Following the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, Onagawa had already deployed a power supply truck just in case.

People around the world are expressing their deepest sympathy toward Japan and a strong resentment against the Mother Nature.  As a result, 'Damn Japan' has surged to become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.


・Japan Again? Damn! また日本…くそったれ!
・Damn, Mother Nature, I think Japan's been beaten up enough
・God damn mother nature. Leave Japan alone. :(

などと日本を憐れむ声と自然を呪う声がコンボで集まった(もしくは縮めて書く)影響で今、「Damn Japan(くそったれ日本)」が流行トピになっている。

CNN's first report on the aftershock(地震の初報)


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