April 2, 2011

デヴィッド・チョイのライブ行ってきた:David Choi Live in San Francisco

Believe me. David Choi looked much cooler on stage. 

My 10-year-old daughter is a big fan of David Choi.   So when he came to San Francisco, she asked (threatened) me to buy tickets and off we went.  All the way to the cafe, I was wondering, "of all those musicians out there, why David Choi?"

Turned out to be an awesome night.  David Choi looks much better on stage.  Usually it's the other way around, right?   Time to hire better videographer.

The audience were a bit nerdy but happy folks.  Some were punching smartphones during the pre-opening sessions right in front of local musicians. Is that the norm?  It's just magical that David Choi could get them hooked on his music.

The front row was somewhat dominated by huge guys and girls munching burgers, leaving my daughter jumping and hopping all the time. I thought it was cute.  She needed more exercise anyway, for she skipped her gymnastics class for joining the live.

A couple of people requested him to sing Korean hit songs, but he said, "my Korean is not that good."  The new song sounded much like John Mayer's Daughters.

Now I'm listening to his CD my daughter got.  Every song has very interesting parts.  He has a lot of color.  If you're tired of every-song-is-the-same pop musicians, I bet it's a refreshment.

Again, his music is not quite what you expect from his goofy appearance on YouTube funny videos.  But in a positive way.  He'd do better if he chooses right audience and settings.  Probably live performance in Tokyo, No?  It may open another door for him.

But he may want to stay as is.  He's, after all, a musician who has been promoting through website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all by himself and who comes out to greet everyone in the audience when the show is over.

As BreathesAudio's review says (it sums up my feelings), his music is something anybody can relate to, and that's his best quality.


YouTubeでは三枚目のおちゃらけキャラなんだけど、ステージでは意外とかっこいいのだ。普通逆だよね? 歌うまいと、かっこ良く見えるものなのね。







First Album "Only You"
"All songs written, produced, recorded, and mixed by David Choi."

Second Album "By My Side"

iTunes [David Choi Music]


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