March 13, 2011

空から見た地震津波の前と後:Japan Earthquake Before and After

NYT and ABC made interactive map to show images from before and after the magnitude 8.9 (or M9.0) earthquake that hit Japan on Friday.

Those are the satellite images  released yesterday by Google / GeoEye, but I could barely see the slides 'till I finally got a reply from my best friend living in the area. Thank God, her whole family was safe... But I know there're a lot more people out there who cannot even take a look at those photos, being too afraid of knowing that they lost their loved ones. 


友だちは今朝やっと無事が確認できた… それでやっとこのスライドショーを見る気持ちの余裕ができたのだけど、まだ怖くて直視出来ない人も多いと思う…。

My prayers are with you.

Japan: earthquake aftermath - The Big Picture -


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