March 18, 2011

エキストリーム・スーパームーンは明日:Extreme Supermoon Coming Saturday

Saturday is the extreme 'supermoon'. Closest the moon has been to earth in 18 yrs. The full moonl that will rise in the east at sunset will look 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.   No, scientifically it doesn't cause Apocalyptic phenomenon, let alone quakes and tsunami that hit Japan last week.
...there is no clear evidence that any of these phenomena influenced the Japan earthquake and tsunami. "The earthquake in Japan happened when the moon was close to its average distance to Earth—there was nothing extreme about its position or phase," Anthony Cook, astronomical observer for the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles said. - National Geographics
So, don't miss it. On Sunday, Spring comes...



...日本の地震・津波に影響を及ぼしたことを示す確かな証拠は何もない。「日本の地震発生時、月は地球から平均的距離のところにあった。—位置、満ち欠けの相にも異常なところは何もなかった」(LAグリフィス天文台の天文観測者アンソニー・クック氏)- National Geographics

UPDATE: 英グラストンベリー・トールのスーパームーン。
Supermoon at Glastonbury (c)


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