March 25, 2011

北朝鮮まで日本に50万ドル支援:Even North Korea Donates $500k To Japan

(c) North Korea hunger - AlertNet
The Pyongyan's official news agency says it has donated $500,000 to Japanese relief.  As AP reported below (1:05-),  another $100,000 is coming from North Korea's Red Cross.

It's a big chunk of money for a nation where, according to the Bank of Korea, only 520 citizens even made $500,000 in 2009 (TIME ).

On top of that, they're suffering from famine and have asked foreign governments for aid through all its 40 embassies last December...


なぜ国交もない国に送るのかはわからないが、北朝鮮にとっては途方もない大金。TIMEが韓国銀行(Bank of Korea)に取材した話によると、人口2400万人の北朝鮮で2009年の年収が50万ドルいった国民はたったの520人という。


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