February 9, 2011

テレビ初出演本番前のスティーブ・ジョブズ:Steve Jobs' First TV Appearance - video

0:20 Ghodd! Look at that...I'm on the television!
-Steve Jobs, circa 1978

(Isn't that amazing?) すごいだろ
Yeah, it is.  うん、すげー

What's that?  え、今なんて言った?
(You've been aired to New York, too.) NYでも流れるよ(←訂正!)
No. No, no. いやいやいや
(Yes, you are) そうそう
Am I? Really? Are you serious? え…そうなの? マジで?
(Yes.) YES
Now...this is not the real thing, right? んーこれ別に実録じゃないんだよね?
You just wanna picture me now. 単に僕の絵を今撮っておきたいんでしょ
(Right.) その通り

God!  あー(緊張してきた)!

(Do you need to go to a bathroom?) トイレ行きたい?
No. You can just bring me some water. いや、水だけ欲しいな

Great. That'll be good. よし。きっとうまくいくぞ
You need to tell me where the restroom is, too, やっぱトイレの場所教えてくれないかな
'cause I'm actually ready to throw up any moment. 実は今にもゲロ出そうだ
(Laugh) 笑

I'm NOT joking. 冗談で言ってんじゃないぜ

[Steve Jobs’ first TV appearance: video | Electricpig]


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