February 10, 2011

ムバラク今夜辞任:Mubarak to step down tonight - NBC - UPDATED

(c)USA Today - Liveblog

Omar Suleiman will take over as president, NBC's Richard Engel says.

According to the director of a leading think tank, what is happening in Egypt is essentially a military coup. - NBC News Producer Charlene Gubash, World Blog

NBC says Mubarak will make a statement this evening and step down. A statement by the armed forces on Egyptian state TV says the military convened the supreme council of the armed forces "to safeguard people and protect their interest." Al-Jazeera TV notes that Mubarak was not shown attending that meeting. - USA Today


エジプト国営放送に出た軍の声明によると、軍は「国民を護衛し、国民の利益を守る」ため軍部最高国民評議会を招集した模様。アルジャジーラTVによると、ムバラクの姿はなかった。声明には、この評議会は危機終息まで無期限設置とすること、決定が国民の「法的に正当な」要求を受けたものであることが盛り込まれている(USA Today)。


[NBC - World Blog, NBC: Mubarak to step down tonight, veep to take over - USA Today]

UPDATE: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that he will assign powers of the president to Vice President Omar Suleiman but did not step down. Angry protesters are moving to the presidential palace...  なんと「副大統領に大統領の権限は移譲するが9月まで辞めない」と15分TV演説! 群衆が怒って国営放送局と大統領官邸方面に動いてる…。

Angry protesters waving shoes, in disbelief ...ウソだろー!(c) The Guardian
UPDATE2: The military has #2 announcement tonight. 軍部から第2の発表が今晩あるそう。←Or maybe not...なさそうね…

UPDATE3: Obama released the statement from AirForce One.  エアフォースワンで演説を聞いたオバマが緊急声明を出し、「こんな曖昧な言い方では不十分だ」と再度辞任圧力をかけている。「今日はエジプトの歴史的な日になる」と上機嫌で演説した直後ムバラクに梯子を外され威信は丸つぶれ…。

UPDATE4:Yes, he resigned. VP announced now. 今、副大統領が辞任を発表した。


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