February 17, 2011

がんセンターのジョブズは他人の空似?:Enquirer Got Wrong Guy for Steve Jobs?

(c)Walk Like Steve Jobs

A keen-eyed Jobs affecionados analysed the National Enquirer photos of Steve Jobs leaving the Stanford Cancer Center (below) and concluded they're fake. Why?  The clue is the car the man got out of.
Hmm, that doesn’t look like Steve’s Mercedes SL65 AMG (photo below) does it. No, it looks like a 1997 Honda Civic. -Walk Like Steve Jobs
He asked his friend for a ride?  Maybe yes, hopefully not.  In the meanwhile, Air Force One has landed at SFO, and President Obama is meeting tech titans at the house of John Doerr. White House said that Jobs attended the meeting.

"Jobs never wear an old man's sweater" (c) National Enquirer 


ジョブズの車はナンバープレートがついてないメルセデス・ベンツSL65 AMG(写真下)なのに、病院に乗って来たのは1997年製ホンダシビック(上)なのだ。シビックのお友達に病院まで送ってもらったのかもしれないけど…。

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UPDATE: Latest photo below;
Steve Jobs sitting right next to Obama オバマの左がジョブズ (c) White House

UPDATE2: Steve Jobs: Video | Mail Online
英メディア、ジョブズ最新映像公開  うーむ、カーディガン持ってたか…

UPDATE3:  Why Apple Chief Steve Jobs Might Drive A 1997 Honda Civic - Forbes  「隠密用にホンダ乗り回してたっておかしくはない」という意見も…

[Walk Like Steve Jobs via SF Chronicle]


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