October 18, 2010

死んだことにされた人:Dead Man Alive

Ruth Hess got a call from her husband's doctor's office telling her that Medicare had declined payment to the doctor. Why? Because they mistakenly thought her husband Karl Hess had died.

Ruth Hess said, "That's strange. We are sitting here having lunch and he just played tennis." - Dead Man Alive

What the...
Wait. It's a tiny loophole compared with our family registry system;
A total of 234,354 centenarians are unaccounted for across Japan despite still being registered as alive under the family registry system, the government said Friday based on its nationwide survey on missing elderly.  Of the persons aged 100 and over whose current domicile cannot be found, 77,118 would be 120 years old or older and 884 would be at least 150 years old if they were still alive, the Justice Ministry said. -Japan Today

The three eldest dead men still being registered as alive in Japan;

rankagebirth  yearsexFamous people born that year
12001810mFrédéric François Chopin
31861824mAlexandre Dumas fils
(As of August 28, 2010. Source: Wikipedia Japan)







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