October 1, 2010

客とダフ屋の抗争でアップルストア一時閉鎖(北京):Beijing Apple Store Closed Temporarily Due To Scalpers

Beijing’s flagship Apple store (c) M.I.C gadget (more pics available)

This is what happens when Apple lifts the sales limit (2) for iPhone 4...

北京のアップルストアがひとり2台のiPhone 4購入制限を解除したら、ご覧の人だかり。水曜朝7時開店の3時間前から人が並び、転売屋が20個も30個も買い占めて店の前で売り始め、列に割り込むダフ屋に客が怒って店内で乱闘となり、警察が呼ばれて昼にはストア閉鎖に。

Beijing Apple Store Closed Due To Scalpers Reselling iPhone 4 » M.I.C gadget: "According to sources, the real customers and the iPhone 4 scalpers had a fight in the Apple store. A gang of scalpers were cutting the queue and some customers were fed up with the scalpers for buying large quantities of iPhone 4 and resell them right outside the store. The police and Apple’s own security staff appeared to clean up the mess and due to the chaotic crowd, the store needs to be closed temporarily…" [...]UPDATE: All four Apple retail stores in China now require customer to show his/her identity card while purchasing the iPhone 4. Every customer could only purchase one iPhone 4.

[M.I.C gadget]


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