October 14, 2010

ヤフージャパンに続き米ヤフーもダウン。「AOLがヤフー買収」の噂の最中:Following Yahoo.co.jp, Yahoo.com Goes Down

(c) Yahoo.com Suffers Outage, Issues Apology | BoomTown

In the midst of 'AOL's takeover of Yahoo' (not the other way around) rumor swirling around like never before, Yahoo! homepage went down for the first time.  The downtime lasted over 30 min.

In a rare coincidence, Yahoo! Japan was down yesterday for an hour and a half, causing a little panic.  Like Yahoo.com, Yahoo.co.jp never goes down (as long as I remember!).  Yahoo! Japan says it was caused by "a physical malfunction of its load-sharing servers."   Is that so? It's hard to imagine they both go down for unrelated issues.




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