October 8, 2010

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What's this?

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FBI's GPS Tracker

Found by Yasir Afifi, an 20-year-old U.S.-born citizen and business marketing student. According to Wired, he discovered the device last Sunday when he took his car to a local garage for an oil change and his friend posted its pictures at Reddit, asking if it meant the FBI “is after us.”  Then FBI agents and police officers showed up for real on Tuesday demanding he return the device.  Afifi seems to have been under surveillance for 3-6 months. Why?  Who knows!  He is the son of an Islamic-American community leader who died a year ago in Egypt. Period. In case you're wondering, it’s perfectly legal for federal agents to secretly plant a GPS locator on your car without a warrant. Scaring, isn't it?

The Reddit comment lightens up a bit; "Put it in the car to a rollercoster. They'll be very very confused."

学生のYasir Afifiさん(20)が日曜車のオイル交換に行ったら、右後部車輪と排ガスのそばから変なワイヤーが飛び出してた。メカニックの人が本人にOKもらって取り外したらバッテリーパックとトランスミッタに繋がった状態で磁石で車体にくっついていた。「FBIに狙われてるの?」と友だちが写真をRedditに出したら、火曜、本当にFBI捜査官と警察官がアパートに来て、装置返せと言ってきたんだって! ひ~。




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