October 29, 2010

今月の1枚:The Art in my Heart by Clara C.

Autographed. ピンクのサイン入り

Ever since Clara C.'s debut album "The Art in My Heart" arrived, we've been listening to it day and night:)  I pre-ordered it when I saw what my daughter was watching on YouTube.   Great voice and talent. We wish her well.

Along with her YouTube colleagues, Chung represents a phenomenon that's changing the music industry at its core. As the established music industry model is crumbling, fresh young YouTube stars – many from Orange County – are rising, posting their videos online, independently recording and releasing their own albums, and arranging their own concert tours. -  Clara C. is a YouTube sensation - The Orange County Register
YouTube - ClaraMusic's Channel

娘がYouTubeで聴いてるの見て予約したClara C.のデビューアルバム「The Art in My Heart」が今月届いた。家族に好評で毎日聴いてる。

ジャスティン・ビーバーもYouTube出身だけど、こんな風にYouTubeで人気を得てからデビューする子がポツポツ現れてきたね。Clara C(UCアーバイン卒業したばかりで、ご両親は韓国出身)もレーベル通さずに仲間とスタジオ借りて録音し、サイトで予約受け付けて発売した。 iTunesでも買えるけど。

Some sampling from album. Her first original track;
Fool's Gold (Making)
↑ 収録曲#6。初めて作ったオリジナルソング

Just released single not included in the album;
↓ これはアルバムには入ってない新曲;


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