September 2, 2010

ジョブズ、タートルネックから丸首に:Steve Jobs wears a Crewneck

(c) Gizmodo

The new iPod nano lacks buttons, iPod shuffle got buttons back, iPod touch got two cameras, Apple TV got smaller, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs got ... crewneck shirt.

Inspired by their fashion advice?
...So, we stuck with what we do best, and decided to present Jobs with a quick guide to updating his dreaded St. Croix turtleneck x Levi’s 501 x New Balance 991 all-day-everyday get up. - Style Intervention: Steve Jobs | Complex Blog

新iPod nanoはボタンがとれてshuffleはボタンが復活、touchはカメラがついて、ジョブズは万年タートルネックから丸首になった。ここのファッションアドバイスが効いたのかな? 発表のまとめ

(c) Complex Blog

ジョブズの進化:The Evolution of Steve Jobs (pic)


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