September 7, 2010

HPがマーク・ハード氏を提訴:HP Sues Mark Hurd for Oracle Job


On Monday Mark Hurd was hired by Oracle, and on Tuesday HP sued Hurd.
HP gave Hurd a $40+ million severance package when it fired him as CEO. This severance was presumably paid, in part, so Hurd wouldn't sue HP for wrongful termination. But now it will give Hurd plenty of money with which to fight off HP's own lawsuit." -Business Insider


Business Insiderが書いてるように、HPがハード氏に支払った退職手当は4000万ドル以上(おそらく不当解雇でHPを訴えないよう弾んだものと思われ)で、この訴訟に対抗できる裁判費用は潤沢にある。なんたる皮肉。オラクル株は今日5%アップ。

[Business Insider]


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