September 16, 2010

ヤフー米検索市場で3位転落。CEO「アリババ株は手放さない」:Yahoo CEO says no interest in Alibaba stake sale

(c) Bing Overtakes Yahoo as No. 2 in Search Survey -

Nielsen Company revealed Tuesday that Microsoft search services including Bing (13.9%) overtook Yahoo (13.1%) in the US to become the No. 2 search engine following Google (65%) during the month of August.  Viewing the chart on the NYTimes Bits,  everyone should be wondering "where Yahoo! makes money!?"

Well, I found its answer on Wednesday's Reuters report about Carol Bartz CEO saying Yahoo has no plans to sell its roughly 39 percent stake in Alibaba.
Yahoo's Asian assets, which also include a 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan, account for about 40 percent of its value by some estimates. - Reuters
Before long, is Asian assets may become its majority... just saying...



4割! 早晩アジアが逆転したりして…。


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