September 26, 2010

ハーバード大構内自殺者がネットに残した1905ページの遺書:Man who killed himself in Harvard yard left 1,905-page suicide note

(c) The Harvard Crimson
Mitchell Heisman, 35, who shot himself on the steps of Memorial Church posted online a 1,905-page document entitled "Suicide Note," while living in an apartment near the school.

IvyGate's review;
"Most arresting of all: the note — tome, really — is probing, deeply researched, and often humorous. Heisman personality and erudition shine through every page, as he traces the philosophical steps that have led him to suicide: not really desperation or depression, but rather, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to test the limits of the unknown.  After a quick read, comparisons to Albert Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus” abound. All the more sad that such a deeply intelligent young man would choose to cut his scholarly output off at one, interesting book."

ハーバード大学メモリアルチャーチ正面階段の一番上で18日、観光客20人以上が見守る前で拳銃自殺したMitchell L. Heismanさん(35)が、1,905ページの遺書(pdf)をネットに残していたことがHarvard Crimsonの調べで分かった。



Mitchell Heisman - Suicide Note

[Harvard Crimson]


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