June 8, 2010

ジョブズが基調講演で絶賛した「Pulse」、同日午後削除に:Pulse app Praised, then Pulled

'Pulse News Reader' is bestselling iPad news reading app that two Indian-born Stanford graduate students, Akshay Kothari (23) and Ankit Gupta (22), created for Michael Dearing’s Launch Pad class. Except for its visual appeal and $4 price tag, it's no different from other news aggregators; it just draws on publicly available feeds without scraping.

これはiPadにニュースフィードを取り込んで読める「Pulse News Reader」。インド生まれのスタンフォード大学院生2人が書いたベストセラーアプリだ。ビジュアルがすごく綺麗なこと、4ドルの有料アプリなことを除けば、公開フィードをスクレイプせず取り込んでるだけで、他のニュースアグリゲータとなんら違いはない。

June 1, 2010
It was praised by tech writer Brad Stone on NY Times Bits blog.

The iPad Pulse Reader Scales the Charts - Bits Blog (c)  NYTimes

10am-, June 7, 2010
Apple CEO Steve Jobs praised it at WWDC keynote speech, showing the NY Times blog post on the huge screen. For two young men, it was the ultimate honor and done promise. Ecstatic morning.

(c) BENM.AT (via Gizmodo)

3:09 pm, June 7, 2010
Then, Apple App Store sent Akshay Kothari a take down notice, saying Apple got the complaint from NY Times lawyers.  You can view the notice at AllThingsD. 

by 6:30 pm, June 7, 2010
Pulse was taken down completely.

“I don’t blame Apple, because they have to respond when contacted by lawyers from the Times. But it was definitely a roller coaster of a day.”

アップルのことは責めない、タイムズの弁護士から連絡がきたら対応しなきゃならない立場だからね。でも確かにローラーコースターな1日だったよ。- Akshay Kothari, AllThingsD

They are now planning to get rid of NY Times materials and resubmit the app. Keep up the good work;)

Pulse is back (for now)

Afternoon, June 8, 2010
Pulse reappered.  “We think it has been reinstated by error, and we have asked Apple for an explanation.” - NY Times spokesperson  

Meet the developers. これが開発したふたり。

AllThingsD says Times lawyer Richard Samson warned Apple on June 3, days BEFORE the keynote. Well, this whole thing looks like a setup to me. If it is, for what? Dunno. To embarrass Times? ひとつ引っかかるのがNYタイムズの弁護士がアプリ取り下げ要求を送った日付け。今月3日…つまり基調講演の前なのよね。それを知ってて午前持ち上げて取り下げて翌日NYタイムズに断りもなく復活させたのだとしたら、その目的は? タイムズの顔に泥塗るため? なんかよく分からない。

[AllThingsD, MacNN]


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