June 27, 2010

ホワイトハウスとクレムリンの直通電話はツイッター?:Obama Jokes Twitter May Replace Kremlin Red Phones

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev set up a Klemlin's Twitter account during a visit to Twitter HQ on Wednesday. Later at the White House, Obama joked;
"I have one also, so we may be able to throw away those red phones* that have been sitting around for so long."
Bad idea!  Obama has apparently forgotten that his account was once taken over by an unknown hacker. That time, the hacker just offered Obama's followers "an opportunity to win free gasoline" but... if it were a missile...!  I know, I know, it was just a joke, right?

When it comes to a security,  that one and another security breach by a French guy led FTC to investigat into Twitter's security and privacy protections.  Twitter has, however, settled with FTC on Thursday. No penalty fee.  They agreed to set up a security program that will be audited by an outside company. So, maybe it's been tighten up.

* According to CBS,  Former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card told its correspondent Mark Knoller that it wasn't red at his time.  "Nowadays they just pick up a phone and call the Kremlin," a White House spokesman told Knoller.






キューバ危機後の1963年、うっかり核ボタン押して地球が滅びたんじゃ洒落にならんので、ホワイトハウスとクレムリンの間に敷かれた直通電話。1964年の映画『Fail Safe』では赤電話だが、ブッシュ元大統領アンディー・カード首席補佐官は「自分の任期中は赤くなかった」とCBSホワイトハウス番マーク・ノラー記者に話している。また、同記者にホワイトハウス報道官が話したところによると、今は「単に電話の受話器とってクレムリンにかけてる」らしいので、本当にあるかどうかは疑わしい。

My favorite pic from Kremlin slideshow - Trip to California

President Dmitry Medvedev visiting garage
where Bill Hewlett and David Packard built their first oscilloscope in 1938.
ビル・ヒューイットとデビッド・パッ カードがHPを興したガレージ(シリコンバレー発祥の地)にて
(c) Klemlin-Presidential Press and Information Office
Twitter - President of Russia - English


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