June 2, 2010

グアテマラの穴は2度目:Guatemala Sinkhole 2007 & 2010

If you felt déjà vu when you saw a huge sinkhole in Guatemala, your memory is good, because it's not the first time. ギズで昨日紹介したグアテマラの穴を見て既視感覚える人は記憶がいい。実は同じような奈落の穴が2km先で前にも空いているのだ。

Guatemala; February 23, 2007

There was a big sinkhole (330 feet deep) three years ago that swallowed a few homes and killed three people. これがその3年前、グアテマラの首都で突如開いた穴。深さ100m。民家数棟と3人が飲み込まれ、2人が付近の川で遺体となって発見された。

Guatemala; May 29, 2010

About three miles (two kilometers) away, we got this sinkhole. It swallowed three story clothing factory and a home, but luckily all workers left the factory an hour before the incident.  今年の穴。3階建てアパレル工場と民家を飲み込んだが、幸い終業1時間後で工場には誰もいなかった。
The hole is 66 feet (20 meters) across and plunges nearly 100 feet (30 meters) deep. Geologists said Tuesday that the circular shape suggested a cave formation underneath, but what exactly caused the sinkhole was still a mystery. "I can tell you what it's not: It's not a geological fault, and it's not the product of an earthquake," said David Monterroso, a geophysics engineer at the National Disaster Management Agency. "That's all we know. We're going to have to descend."

穴は直径20m、深さ30m。地質学者たちの火曜の談話によると、円形なので下が空洞になっているようだが、原因は依然謎のままだという。「私に言えるのは、これが該当しないものが何か、です。地質の断層ではないし、地震の産物でもない」と語るのは国家防災庁の地球物理学エンジニア、デビッド・モンテローソ氏。「我々にわかっているのはそれで全部。下に降りなきゃならんでしょう」 -AP


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