May 24, 2010

米国でプリペイド携帯が売れている:Why prepaid phone is selling well

Even Michael Arrington revealed that he bought a $25 prepaid model from Radio Shack for temporary use and "now a hard-core LG 100 prepaid phone fanatic."   That pretty much sums up the feeling that underlines a current shift away from two-year contracts toward prepaid cell phones.

Together, the seven largest U.S. wireless carriers expanded their contract subscribers by just 230,000 people in the first quarter. That's negligible compared to their entire customer base of 280 million. Prepaid service, meanwhile, attracted about 3.1 million new subscribers to the seven largest carriers in the quarter. [...] This marks a sharp reversal of trends. In the same quarter just two years ago, the comparable carriers added 3 million subscribers under contract, and 2.3 million to prepaid plans.


About one-fifth of Americans with cell phones are on prepaid, according to the New Millennium Research Council, a Washington-based think tank.
ワシントンのシンクタンクNMRCによると、米国では携帯利用者の約5分の1がプリペイドという。 - San Jose Mercury News

What's interesting is that the popularity of text messaging has also contributed the trend.  As NYTimes recently reported, people nowadays just text and don't talk on the phone, leaving hundreds of minutes unused.





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